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Heading Group Riding


There are a number of factors that come into play when planning or participating in a group ride. Here are some suggestions for making your rides safe and successful.

Planning the Ride




Leading the Ride




Participating in a Ride




Emergency Stopping




Hand Signals




Formation Riding


Staggered Riding




Single File Riding





Passing should always be undertaken one motorcycle at a time, in staggered formation. Remember, passing at any time can be hazardous. Use common sense.


Passing Other Vehicles


  1. Pre-pass position:
    Be far enough behind the vehicle you are passing to see clearly down the road to do an “oncoming traffic check”.

  2. Signal. If you have a passenger, he or she should signal as well.

  3. Check your mirrors and then turn your head to check your blind spot and ensure that no one is passing you.

  4. Accelerate and change lanes. Remember, legally, you can’t exceed the speed limit.

  5. When returning to your lane, signal and make a mirror check and head check to be sure there is space between you and all other vehicles. Return to your lane and turn off your blinker.


After Making the Pass




Keep the Group Together




Safe Riding Tips


Motorcycling is a fun, exciting and practical way to get around. But, like any other activity, it has risks. The reality is that you are exposed and vulnerable; it is up to you to avoid accidents and injury. Risk – and how you treat it – is what safe cycling is all about. To help you reduce and manage risk, use following tips as a guide.


  1. Know your skills. Take a beginning or experienced safety course from a recognized training center. The more you know, the better rider you become!

  2. Know the rules of the road and respect other road users. Don’t forget, riding is a privilege. Get yourself and your motorcycle properly licensed; get insurance if required. Know the limits of your skills, your motorcycle, and the road conditions so you don’t ride over your head.

  3. Ride with the right gear. A helmet, eye protection, sturdy jacket, pants boots, and gloves are your best defense against accident injury. It can happen to you!

  4. Ride aware. A car turning across your path is the most frequent accident. Seventy-five percent of motorcycle accidents involve collisions with other vehicles, the majority caused by the other driver. Intersections can be bad spots, so slow down and be prepared to react. We repeat: It can happen to you!

  5. Ride to survive. Be seen and not hit. You are not as big as a Mack truck, but you can attract attention. Wear bright clothing, use your headlight and bright colored fairings, select a lane and position within a lane to be seen, avoid rapid lane changes, keep looking around – you don’t need surprises!

  6. Ride straight. Alcohol and other drugs do not let you think clearly or make sound judgments. Up to 45% of all fatal motorcycle accident in the U.S. involve alcohol.

  7. Keep a safe bike. Know your owner’s manual, follow recommended service schedules, and have repairs made by an authorized dealer. Always check your bike’s tires, suspension and controls before riding.

  8. Share a safe ride. Company is nice. Some company weighs 100 pounds/45 Kg; other company weighs more. All weight affects handling. Having someone on the back is a big responsibility. Instruct them on proper riding technique and protective gear.

    Now, take responsibility for your riding, learn more … and go enjoy yourself.


Other Tips for Touring




Ride safe and keep the shiny side up!

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